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- We will NOT longer be offering kit sizes in anything but the Erin Condren Mini Kits. Those are our most popular [huge sellers so we're sticking with it]. As I go through this shop and list on Etsy and retire things that needs to be they will be removed from the website. You can always shop our Etsy shop AND here. Order from both within 12 hours apart and I will combine shipping as long as you message me BEFORE hand. My goal is to have the Etsy Shop in full swing by Christmas which means this website will NO longer be active. You can always find my shop on Etsy at 


CWGraphicDesignsShop - ETSY


There is a number of reasons why we are making the switch to Etsy but mostly because we have so many customers asking us to so they can use eBates :) So here we go <3 


Hey there!

Welcome to CW Graphic Designs. We are so happy to have you stop by. Are you a planner addict {like me}? If so, you are going to be happy to shop here. We offer a wide range of planner goodies from stickers to die cuts. 


We do NOT ship international so I am so very sorry. We do ship anywhere in the US/PR though for 1 low cost. No matter the size of your order we will ship your order for $3.50 :)



 ** SHIPPING ** 

Normal shipping time is 7-14 business day's [excluding weekends and holidays]. During sales, we have an increased shipping time of 5 weeks [excluding weekend's and holiday's] we do strive to have it out before then but we have to give ourselves some room to play with for delays. If we get a huge number of increased orders than we excepted we will have to increase our shipping time even more, however, IF this is the case, there will be an update on the website, Instagram and our Facebook Page. So, if you are not a follower please make sure you head over and like, join, and follow me.  


Due to the shop growing at this time we have had to extend our normal shipping time to an increase of 14 business days MAX. Hopefully, your order will ship out SOONER than that but that is the basic time frame that allows for me to get it finished and out to you. I know that you want your happy mail as soon as possible and that is what I aim to do. If you have any question's don't hesitate to ask. 

Happy Shopping!


- If you are a digital planner and would like to check out my Etsy Shop please head right over there now. Etsy Shop